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Port of Roenne A/S puts out to tender the next two stages of future-proofing

The next two stages of future-proofing the Port of Roenne have been put out to EU tender. The port expects to be able to enter into a construction agreement with a contractor before the end of the year. Work on the two stages is expected to be completed in 2025.

The future-proofing of Port of Roenne is entering the next phase, when the port submits the next two stages of the port expansion in EU tenders.

With an expansion, the port future-proofs all business areas and at the same time supports a long-term functional division of the port's activities.

Finally, navigation conditions both on arrival and departure from the port will be easier for all ships, and the same applies to manoeuvring conditions inside the piers.

With the expansions, Port of Roenne A/S also accommodates the great interest in additional port area. It is especially Bornholm's unique location that has increased the interest in using the Port of Roenne, among other things as a shipping port.

The construction on the next two stages of the future-proofing will begin in 2024 after a contract has been signed with a contractor.

The regulatory and consultation processes on the expansion will take place at the same time as the tender.

The completed conversion of the port is expected to be ready in 2025.