Port of Rønne

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Liquid bulk

Liquid bulk consist of petrol and diesel for road transport and bunkers for the ships sailing to and from the island.

Ships up to 120 m in length can bunker at the oil pier, where there is 7 m depth. Larger ships can bunker using trucks or using a 65 m3 bunker barge located at the port. The barge pump at 85 m3/hour

Dry bulk

Bornholm producers both import and export dry bulk like grain, feed, fertiliser, sand, gravel and wood chip.

The port has quays with depth of 7, 9 and 11 m where dry bulk ships can be (un)loaded, either using one of the mobile cranes of the port or by ship cranes.

Mobile port cranes

The port has two mobile cranes and experienced crane drivers, which loads the ships. We take pride in operating the cranes as fast as possible and be ready when the ship arrives.

The mobile cranes are respectively a Liebherr LH 110 and a Liebherr LHM 250.


Among the customers of the port is Bornholms Energi & Forsyning, DLG, NCC, Sibelco and Q8.

Bornholm Bunker Hub

Bornholm Bunker Hub is the name of a consortium, where several international players are testing the possibility of establishing a filling station with green marine fuel on Bornholm. Several Danish companies participate in the consortium, including Ørsted, Molslinjen, Haldor Topsøe and Bunker Holding.

REACTRF-22-0054  -  Feasibility study for Power-to-X on Bornholm

In June 2022, Port of Ronne started REACTRF-22-0054  -  Feasibility study for Power-to-X on Bornholm, a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Danish Board of Business Development.  The purpose of the study is to lay the analytical foundation for future large-scale production of Power-to-X products at Bornholm by investigating in further detail the possibility of establishment. This is highly relevant to investigate in conjunction with the establishment of Energy Island Bornholm with 2-3 GW offshore wind and HVDC interconnectors to Zealand and Germany, as a Power-to-X project can help maximize the value of the new energy island and can at the same time support the political goals on the green transition with 70% reduction of GHG in 2030 and ambitious plan for power-to-x in Denmark.

The project is executed in partnership with Ørsted Hydrogen Holding, Skovgaard Energy, Topsoe, Danfoss Power Electronics, Ramboll, Bornholms Energi & Forsyning, Bornholm Municipality, DTU Management, DTU Wind and Energy Systems and Gate 21.

This study is divided into six main work packages (WPs) which will analyze the potential sources, technologies, products, and out takers, as well as the integration of Power-to-X into the energy systems. It will result in a business case for Power-to-X production at Bornholm, which will be finalized by the end of August 2023.