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BAFO og signing

Negotiations during the tender period. Autumn 2017


Chairman of Rønne Havn A / S, Thomas Thors, and Thomas Bendtsen, CEO, present the selected construction company, Per Aarsleff A / S for the press.


Prev. Business Minister, Brian Mikkelsen, visits Rønne Havn A / S. Here in dialogue with Thomas Bendtsen, CEO.
111/5000 Prev. Business Minister, Brian Mikkelsen, visits the building together with the chairman and CEO of Rønne Havn A / S.
97/5000 Prev. Business Minister, Brian Mikkelsen, in a cheerful company with Rønne Havn A / S's Chairman and CEO.

Building photos - the big machines

Denmark's largest excavator has been turning during construction. Photo taken during the event: Open Building Site, where all citizens were given the opportunity to inspect the construction.
Event: Open Construction Site 2018
Event: Open Construction Site 2018. Children and adults were given the opportunity to see the large machines that Per Aarsleff A / S and VG Entrepreneur use.
99/5000 Event Open Construction Site: Rene K. S. from Per Aarsleff A / S tells about the project on the construction site.
Event: Open Construction Site. Thomas Bendtsen, CEO, in dialogue with a visitor.
Dredging vessel in operation.
Spun iron is transported to Rønne.
There is excavation. The water depth must end at 11 meters.
The hammer is in the process of knocking the spun iron into quay constructions.
The spun iron for the new quay constructions is beaten in place.
JackUp'en is tugged