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Safety is key in order to protect the harbour and the shipping against terrorist attacks. Port of Roenne A/S cooperates closely with relevant authorities in the field. Therefore, we at Port of Roenne A/S have tightened the access control and the surveillance. Security measures in the harbour area have also been made. All our harbour areas are fully implemented according to the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).

Therefore the ship/mediator must inform Port of Roenne A/S 24 hours before arrival, at the latest, with the following information:

The data of the ships
Expected arrival time
Current draught
Expected need for assistance
Port of departure
Purpose of the call (load/unload etc.)
Load quantity and type
Owner if any/letter of indemnity

Port of Roenne A/S must be fully updated if there are changes to the call. Furthermore, it is important to note that all disembarking crew members must be able to present a valid photo ID upon request.


Drone flying

Rules and regulations for drone flying within the areas of Port of Roenne:

  • Drone flying at Port of Roenne, regardless of the purpose, may only take place with the permission of Port of Roenne. Permission can be granted by Security Manager/PFSO.


  • Flying a drone within 150 m horizontally from column 3 companies requires, additional permissions from the companies concerned and relevant authorities. The permission shall be applied by the drone operator.


  • Port of Roenne may at any time demand to see relevant approvals, registration and authorization for drones and drone pilots.


  • Port of Roenne reserve the right to assess whether a desired drone flight will disturb other stakeholders at the port's/customers' areas and from here decide whether the flight can be allowed (among other things in accordance with Executive Order 1190, Act on TV Surveillance).


  • Permits can in principle only be granted as a one-time permit (which must be applied for each time a flight is desired). Port of Roenne reserves the right to reject an application without further justification for the rejection. The application must be submitted to: rk@portofroenne.dk.

Map with the categorization of Rønne Havn in terms of drone flight.

(Source: www.droneregler.dk/dronezoner


All communication regarding ISPS shall be directed to the Port Guard Coordinator, Reno Kure. Mobile: +45 24 79 47 21 Mail: reno.kure@roennehavn.dk.

Reno Kure
Port Facility Security Officer / IT-Manager