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Port of Roenne is strengthening its organization and daily management

Port of Roenne will continue to be operated professionally, service-oriented, and with quality - even in the massive growth period expected in the coming years. Therefore, the harbor is now strengthening its organization and daily management

"It is crucial for Port of Roenne that we consistently maintain and enhance the harbor's position, ensuring that organizational and managerial practices can support this development," says Lars Nordahl, CEO of Port of Roenne.

"We are facing another period of significant growth, requiring a strong business and commercial approach, a focus on safe operations and capacity management, and attention to the harbor's strategic infrastructure development and construction projects."

To align with increased commercial opportunities, Rønne Harbor has chosen to reinforce its business and commercial responsibilities. In this context, Jeppe la Cour steps into a new role as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

42-year-old Jeppe la Cour is tasked with strengthening all of the harbor's business areas, including ferries, bulk, cruise, offshore, and leasing of areas and buildings. Jeppe la Cour has been part of Rønne Harbor A/S since 2019, where he has been responsible for developing the offshore department and projects within offshore wind.

"I take pride in assuming the responsibility for strengthening the commercial work. I also look forward to playing an expanded role in the future strategic and managerial development of the harbor," says Jeppe la Cour. "Given the increasing activity at the harbor, close collaboration within departments and across the organization is crucial. I eagerly anticipate intensifying collaboration in daily operations with my skilled colleagues across business areas in the commercial department."

As part of the effort to strengthen the leadership level at the harbor, a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be hired, responsible for the harbor's operational and maintenance aspects.

Currently, COO Jørn Nygaard oversees both operations and development tasks. Rønne Harbor A/S has recently initiated a major future-proofing project, set to strengthen the harbor's position as Bornholm's primary supply port and the Baltic Sea's center for green energy over the next two years.

The search for the right person for the COO position has begun. Until a new COO is in place, both construction work and harbor operations will continue under the supervision of Jørn Nygaard. Once a new COO is appointed, Jørn Nygaard will transition to a new role as project manager, overseeing all major infrastructure and construction projects at the harbor.

[Photo of Jeppe la Cour: Rønne Havn/Kristoffer Linus]