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MT Højgaard Denmark will be responsible for securing the future of Port of Roenne A/S

Port of Roenne A/S has signed an agreement with the construction company MT Højgaard Danmark for an extension of the outer pier in the industrial port of Roenne by 450 meters. MT Højgaard Denmark has won the contract for the task following an EU tender with the right to negotiate.

The expansion is the second stage of the port's master plan, which will prepare Port of Roenne A/S for the port's increased demands. At the same time, the expansion will contribute to securing the future of the commercial port function on Bornholm. With the development, the port in Roenne will have extra berth space and area for the installation of large offshore wind turbines, and at the same time, the southern breakwater will be extended by 450 meters. The water depth in the harbor basin will be 11 meters, which is also the depth in the rest of the commercial harbor.

"We are pleased that we can now continue the next stage of the port expansion concerning our master plan. The extension gives us an additional 450 meters of a solid outer pier, and we also have an option to have an additional 300 meters of heavy cargo quay built. With the forthcoming expansion, we as a port can continue the growth we are experiencing within offshore wind on Bornholm. Our ambition is to maintain the position as the most attractive port in the Baltic Sea to install offshore wind. The ports competitive position will be strengthened significantly with the forthcoming expansion," says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne A/S.

In the various phases of the expansion, MT Højgaard Denmark has chosen to use several local subcontractors. The first steps in the construction will begin in May. The new part of the pier and the 300 meters quay are expected to be completed in November 2022.

In addition to MT Højgaard Denmark, two other contractors bid for the contract, which Port of Roenne A/S expects in total will amount to approx. 300 Mio. DKK.

"It is an inspiring task and the biggest water construction task for MT Højgaard Denmark for many years. We are proud to help secure the future of Bornholm's most important port," says Jimmy Laursen, Department Director of Water Construction, MT Højgaard Denmark.

MT Højgaard Denmark has chosen to use Rambøll as an advisor on the project, and Finnish Wasa Dredging will be responsible for deepening the port.

In the construction work, MT Højgaard Denmark must consider the weather conditions that apply in the area. Although Bornholm is called the Sunshine Island, strong winds and big waves are more common than many other places in Denmark. The weather conditions in the port of Roenne can be compared with the most exposed areas on the west coast of Jutland. Among other things, huge stones will have to be used for the new pier.

"We need 500,000 tons of stone and will handle stones of up to 30 tons. It is equivalent to a stone the size of a small children's room, so they must be transported to the site on trucks one or two at a time. It is, therefore, heavy work that must be performed, which requires some specialized equipment. Our excavators are larger than 200 tons," says project manager Dan Locht from MT Højgaard, Denmark.

On the other hand, he is pleased that MT Højgaard Denmark on Bornholm - as the only place in the country - can use local stone materials.

"We want to ensure the local anchoring of the project and have, among other things, entered into agreements with several Bornholm quarries to deliver most of the stones to the project instead of being delivered from Norway and Sweden, as is usually done. We are pleased about this because it both reduces the environmental impact of transport and ensures extra local employment," says Dan Locht.