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Port of Roenne A/S has begun a new era

2020 has been a historic year for Port of Roenne A/S, which experienced the result of recent years' expansion projects. The port has plans to become leader in shipping offshore wind turbines in the Baltic Sea.

In 2020 Port of Roenne A/S came out with a turnover of DKK 85.3 million. DKK, and this corresponds to an increase of almost ten percent compared to 2019. The result for the year landed at +10.4 mill. kroner, which is considered satisfactory in light of the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the company's finances.

The growth in turnover is partly due to the fact, that Port of Roenne A/S has been part of the establishment of the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark (600MW) at Kriegers Flak, which in 2021 will supply green power to 600,000 households. The project was made in collaboration with international companies such as Vattenfall, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Muelhan.

"Our investment in more and new business areas such as beeing central port for offshore wind expansion in the Baltic Sea has work out as planned. We can now see the results of the investments, which means that we will be able to attract more offshore projects to Bornholm. On the other hand have the corona pandemic also marked the result at Port of Roenne in 2020, due to a decrease among cruise tourism and a slightly decrease in the number of calls from the three ferry routes. Even though we will have a smaller profit in 2020 than planned, our business is doing well and our operating profit before depreciation has improved compared to 2019," says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO at Port of Roenne A/S.

As part of the new era, Port of Roenne A/S has chosen to take greater social responsibility by including the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the strategic work for the development of the port.

"Like our customers and partners, we also want to take responsibility for the environment and climate in the way we act as a company. We work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we see ourselves as a player in succeeding with the gradual CO2 reduction towards 2030," says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne A/S.

According to Lars Karlsson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Port of Roenne A/S, the increased focus on social responsibility will be a key part of the port's development in the coming years. He also sees the new era with focus on offshore wind projects as good for Bornholm and a thing, that will strengthen Port of Roennes role as a Bornholm supply port and maritime highway to the outside world.

"Port of Roenne A/S has undergone a unique development in recent years. And in addition to creating jobs, the effort also gives attention throughout the Baltic Sea region and shows that there is a strong organization behind the port who is determined to deliver results for the people at Bornholm," says Lars Karlsson.