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More cruise guests visited Bornholm in 2019

More cruise guests are visiting the Danish island, Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, which has just been named ‘Europe's second best holiday island’. Port of Roenne confirms the trend and ends this season with a total of 46 cruise calls.

The Interest in the beautiful rocky island in the Baltic Sea has increased and Port of Roenne confirms the trend:

“The cruise season 2019 ends at about the same level as 2018. We are really pleased with that - considering that we this year have received cruise guests at a time where the port construction was not yet finished,” says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne. He and his crew has received positive bulletins for the 2020 cruise season:

“Our announcements that we have got larger quays, better maneuvering space and a water depth of 11 meters and of cource a truly unique and attractive holiday island seems to have a quite positive effect on the market. Currently, the number of advance bookings for 2020 is 52 calls and approx. 45.000 cruise guests,” says Thomas Bendtsen.

Port of Roenne marked the end of construction together with approx. 5.000 local citizens and stakeholders during a grand party on June the 8’th this summer, but the formal handover from contractor to developer took place on October the 4’th this fall. So the port construction is now completed.

Port of Roenne is able to receive cruise vessels up to 350 meters. It's possible to download the cruiselist for the 2020-season on this website.


Calls for the past three years

Bookings 2020

Calls: 52

Passengers:  45.705




Calls: 46

Passengers: 19.725



Calls: 42

Passengers: 18.461



Calls: 26

Passengers: 12.441