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Kriegers Flak’s Mills are to be disembarked from Rønne Harbour

Today it was announced that Rønne Harbour has been chosen as the port of departure for the windmills part of Denmark’s new and largest wind farm Krieger's Flak.

The construction of Denmark's largest wind farm, Krigers Flak, is, according to plan, starting up in 2020. And now the port for disembarking has been chosen - It will be Rønne Harbour. The harbour, with it’s location on Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea, are going to play a central role in the major phase of work.

In connection with the big project, the port area will be expanding with 150,000 square meters.

“We are very pleased with Rønne Harbour as our final choice. It is very well placed in relation to activities in the Baltic Sea. It will be a new quay, when we begin using it in 2 years, and it is constructively very solid. It means that the components will be able to come very close to the quayside – and that is what we need. Since we are bringing element weighing more than 400 ton, it will be a big load. The entering and exiting conditions in the harbour are good, the connections with domestic flights from Copenhagen, Karup or Billund to Bornholm are very fine, and the combination of the Øresund Bridge and the Ystad Express Ferry is a good alternative.

The fact that the harbour is placed on an island is not a problem, since our components are too big for overland transport anyway. They need to be shipped. Finally, it is, for us, an advantage that the harbour is Danish – it reduces paperwork in contrast to disembarking from a German harbour. So, there are many advantages,” explains Bent Rasmussen, project manager at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. He continues:

"Another important fact: from the very start we have been met with a very positive and constructive attitude from Rønne Harbour. They want to be active players when it comes to finding solutions and creating the best conditions for us. The team work has been excellent. It’s a big project that requires a lot from the harbour, of course, but also from the community when it comes to hotels, restaurants etc. In that regard, working with the people from the harbour has been very nice.

Happy Harbour Director

The CEO at Rønne Harbour, Thomas Bendtsen is also excited about the agreement.

"These are the kind of projects that can create vitality on the quay in Rønne. We have been very focused on future-proofing our harbour areas, and we have been aiming for modern facilities in order to handle a great project like the one Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy are launching. I hope and do believe that it’s only the beginning of more Baltic Sea projects – projects creating new possibilities for the industrial harbour and the local businesses.”

The mayor on Bornholm, Winni Grosbøll, regards the project as an important and positive widening of the image of Bornholm.

"Bornholm is much more than The People’s Meeting, smoked herring and tourism. As a new disembarking point, the business aspect becomes clearer. We have the possibility to build upon a century long naval tradition and update it with the brand new harbour area. It’s going to be a first class industrial harbour. And I’m pleased with the fact that it will be put into service immediately after construction.