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Strong interest in the Danish Port of Roenne at the world’s largest cruise shipping show – Cruise Shipping Miami

In their quest to increase the number of cruise liners calling at the Danish island of Bornholm, which is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the Port of Roenne, Destination Bornholm and PMS-shipping have attended the world’s largest cruise shipping conference and exhibition, Cruise Shipping Miami 15, which attracts leading international ports and cruise shipping providers and specialists.

The geographic location of the Danish island of Bornholm and it cruise port, the Port of Roenne, is extremely attractive for the cruise liners sailing in the Baltic region and calling at the surrounding countries. The number and size of cruise liners are growing, and so is the number of cruise liner passengers, who represent an immense growth market that greatly benefits the port, its service   providers and the tourist industry on the island. Shops, restaurants and transport companies and providers of cultural events all stand to gain from the cruise liners calling at the Port of Roenne.

Wanting to attract the cruise liners and all the passengers passing the island of Bornholm, Cruise Shipping Miami was a ’must attend’ show for the Danish port and its cooperation partners and the obvious venue to promote the beautiful island in the Baltic Sea with its fantastic sights and amazing nature.

”The Port of Roenne’s overall goal is to raise the port’s earning capacity to the same level as that of the best representatives of the Danish port industry, as this will allow us to make massive investments in the infrastructure, which are necessary to serve the island in the best possible way and to exploit the opportunities offered because of the location. To achieve this goal, we must be at the forefront and show the world that we are experts in the area of cruise shipping, an area that holds a huge growth potential,” says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO.

”The overall aim is to attract attention to the island of Bornholm on the huge international cruise shipping market. The many participants and the excellent networking opportunities at the show have brought us closer together with a number of extremely interesting cooperation partners and shipping companies. I am convinced that our continued presence in the market will have the intended effect and secure our port an optimal market share in the future. At the same time, we seek to improve and optimise conditions for cruise liners calling at the port through the dialogue we have with the shipping companies,” Niels Lundberg, Cruise and Security Manager, explains.

The Port of Roenne shared a joint Danish/Swedish stand under the headings of ”Cruise Network Copenhagen” and ”Cruise Sweden”. Representatives of the island also included Destination Bornholm and the shipping company Plum, Møller & Skovgaard Skibsmægler.

”In so many different ways, the show in Miami bears witness of a growth market with a huge potential. We want to be part of this development. As a supply port and a port of entry we carry a great responsibility for developing new business areas that may play an active role in our endeavours to create growth on Bornholm. We recognise this responsibility and take it very seriously, and, once again, Cruise Shipping Miami showed us that the key to success is a modern infrastructure that may for the right basis for handling the cruise liners, which grow in size every year. This year’s show was just another activity aimed at putting the Port of Roenne and the island of Bornholm on the map,” Thomas Bendtsen concludes.